Contemporary Interior Design

we believe that the art of  contemporary interior design lies not only in forward-thinking, creative and innovative design concepts, but also in achieving the very highest standards in terms of quality. Our stylish, sophisticated and luxurious contemporary design schemes make use of only the best materials and suppliers, which are used to create unique and highly individualised residential and commercial spaces.

Because contemporary interior design is about clean lines and in some cases involves a more minimalist and uncluttered feel than more traditional schemes, every single design element not only counts, but in many ways the impact of its presence is magnified.  What this means, in essence, is that to create a contemporary look which speaks of luxury and sophistication, every element which is used in the finished design needs to be of exceptional quality, because anything which is inferior will stand out in such a way as to spoil the overall effect.  For this reason, we not only focus on sourcing the very best quality materials and items, but also design elements which are unusual or unique and which will give your home or commercial space a totally individual look.

One of the key aspects is the optimal and innovative use of both space and materials.  When we meet with our clients at their homes or commercial premises for the first time, therefore, one of our first priorities is to establish both their practical and aesthetic considerations.  In addition, it is one of the hallmarks of our business to positively encourage our clients to describe their own ideas so that these can be developed and incorporated into the final design.  Although this is something that we do in relation to every project that we work on, what we often find with clients who are interested in creating a contemporary environment in particular is that they have one or two truly excellent design ideas that they wish to use as a starting point, and it is always our aim to ensure that these form the basis of the scheme that we create.


Once we have established the basic criteria that we need to work to in relation to your contemporary interior design project, we then produce the concept design for your approval, as well as an estimate of the costs involved.  From here, we handle every aspect of the project through to final execution, all the time ensuring that you are involved and informed in the process of developing your own commercial or residential space.  The projects that we undertake vary in size and range from sourcing and supply to full-scale residential or commercial projects which require a high level of creativity and innovation.

By Sara Anton

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