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home-interiorsAchieving the right balance between style, comfort and practicality is an essential part of creating beautiful and yet functional home interiors.  After all, we might want our homes to look like ‘show homes’, but we certainly don’t want them to feel cold and impersonal or for them to be unusable, any more than we want them to reflect anything other than our own personal styles and tastes.

Designing a personal space, therefore, clearly has to take into consideration more than just colour schemes, textures and fabrics.  First and foremost, it needs to deal with your lifestyle and how you use your home.

Perhaps to a far greater extent than ever before, today’s homes are often multi-functional spaces.  Not only are they the havens that we retreat to at the end of each day, but they are the places where we bring up our children and where we entertain our friends, families and business associates.  Increasingly though, they are also the places where we work.

How each room is used and by whom, therefore, is integral to its design, which is why we at Sara Anton Interiors go to great pains to truly understand the practical concerns of our clients, as well as paying close attention to developing their own ideas in terms of aesthetics.

Family home interiors typically create some of the greatest challenges for many home owners, as often there is the feeling that their own personal styles and tastes need to be suppressed entirely in order to create an environment which is both safe and practical for children.  Safety and practicality, however, can be perfectly well combined with a look of stylish sophistication, luxury and elegance with the help of the right interior designer.

At Sara Anton Interior Designers our approach to designing home interiors begins with an on-site meeting home-interior-designduring which our clients’ needs and wishes are discussed and evaluated, including of course any practical considerations which might be relevant to the project.  Further to this meeting, an initial scheme is created for the client’s consideration, which may include mood boards and scaled floor plans, along with an itemised estimate depending upon the size and scale of the project.  This proposal may then be presented to the client during a second visit and, once the outline has been approved, this forms the basis of further discussions from which the project can build towards its completion.
By Sara Anton

Home Interiors

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