Colour in Interior Design

colour-in-interior-designDespite the fact that colour is an everyday part of our lives and that it surrounds us wherever we are, having an eye for what works and what doesn’t, Colour in interior design however, is an essential and important element of interior design, and not purely from an aesthetic point of view.

The impact of colour on the human psyche and its ability to affect our moods is something which is very well documented.  Green, for example, is the colour of nature and as such is typically experienced as calm and restful, whereas red is stimulating and certain shades of blue are often seen as cold.  Orange, meanwhile, is an energetic colour, although when it veers towards earthier shades such as terracotta, it becomes more warming and relaxing.  With so many different tones and shades of the same colours though, making sense of what would work where can be tricky.

Another problem that many people experience with colour, of course, is what goes with what.  as with fashion, if colours don’t coordinate or contrast within the home, not only is it impossible to create a feel of luxury and elegance, but the jarring effect literally assaults the senses.

Leaving aside the psychological effects of colour, another reason why getting colour schemes right in a home is so important is because the tones and the shades which are chosen can have an enormous impact on the perception of the size of a room.  The same room in two identical houses will appear to be of completely different proportions if they are decorated in different colours, and the extent to which this is true is often quite staggering.

When considering the use of colour in interior design, it is also important to think in terms of practicality.  A household in which there are young children or pets, for example, is often well-advised to steer clear of upholstery fabric in light shades such as cream or white.

However, not only should all of the practical aspects of your lifestyle be taken into account in the design scheme which is proposed, but of course the aesthetic ones too.

By Sara Anton

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Colour in Interior Design


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