Designer fabric

designer-fabricOf all the elements which go into creating a look of luxury and elegance, designer fabric is perhaps one of the singularly most important.  Often though, the vital role that fabrics have to play in good design is given less than its fair share of attention.

Fabrics do more than just contribute to aesthetic appeal.  Their colours, patterns and textures all help to create mood, whether in a home or a commercial setting, and they also express an important facet of an individual’s personality.  Whether your taste inclines more towards vivid colours and bold patterns or more muted tones and subtler designs.

Your choice essentially reflects an element of who you are, in addition to giving a space a sense of liveliness and invigoration or warmth and relaxation.  Textures, meanwhile, from the smoothest and most sensual to those which are rougher and earthier, do much to create atmosphere within an environment.  In addition, however, the choice of natural fabrics over manmade ones, for example, can speak volumes about the person who uses the space, not just in terms of their taste, but even in cases where only environmentally-friendly products are chosen, in relation to their personal values.

When creating luxury interiors, designer fabric offers several distinct and highly significant advantages.  First of all, the originality and exclusivity of the designs is essential if a luxury look and feel is to be achieved.  Additionally, these fabrics are of the highest quality, making them not just sumptuous in terms of their look and feel, but highly practical too.  Another huge benefit of designer fabric, however, lies in the attention to detail which goes into the designs.  No matter whether the scheme of a room is contemporary or classic, the wide range of patterns and colours incorporates something to fit perfectly with the style and age of any property, so that the finished look is one which is harmonious and which accurately reflects the overall look and theme of the design.

soft-furnishingsAt Sara Anton Interior Designers, we only choose from the highest quality range of designer fabric to create luxury interiors.  The fabric designers that we use for upholstery and curtaining, for example, include such well-known and highly-respected names as Osborne and Little, Designers Guild, Colefax & Fowler, Jane Churchill, Zoffany, GP & J Baker, Sanderson, Robert Allen, Mulberry, Manuel Canovas, William Yeoward, Malabar, Vanessa Arbuthnott, Titley and Marr and, of course, the inimitable William Morris.

By Sara Anton

Designer Fabric

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