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luxury-interior-designCreating luxury interior design schemes is what Sara Anton Interiors specialise in, but what exactly constitutes luxury?  According to Angelo Bonati, founder of the exclusive watch-making company Officine Panerai, ‘Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and, above all, quality’, all of which are elements of the interior design service that we provide to our high-end clientele.

Attention to detail is absolutely crucial in the world of interior design, both in terms of creating a stunning visual effect and with respect to ensuring that the environment that is created is one which is practical and functional.  Even the smallest design feature which lacks cohesion or is discordant with the overall scheme will destroy the sense of harmony, whether that feature be an object, a colour, a texture, a pattern or anything else.

In today’s world of mass-production, of course originality in relation to products is extremely rare.  Where luxury interior designers are concerned, however, it is the way in which ideas and the components of the design scheme are put together which creates an original look.  Achieving a look of originality relies entirely on the creativity, innovation and skill of the designer.  Exclusivity, meanwhile, speaks of being ‘select’ or ‘special’, and once again it takes the specialised knowledge and the expert eye of the trained interior designer to identify and use exclusive design features to raise a scheme from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Of the four elements of luxury which were described by Angelo Bonati, perhaps quality is the one that everyone most readily identifies with, because of course nothing which is of inferior quality could ever be deemed to be luxurious.  In this respect, it is not only the quality of the overall service provided by the designer which determines whether the term ‘luxury’ can be rightfully applied, but of course the quality of the materials which are used too.

Sara Anton luxury interior design schemes are created using only the very highest quality materials, and all of our suppliers are ones who are renowned for producing exceptional quality products, including Osborne and Little, Colefax & Fowler, Farrow & Ball, Mulberry, William Morris, Manuel Canovas, Fired Earth, Jan Cavelle and Bella Figura.  From furniture, fabric and flooring to paints, wallpapers and lighting, every element of our design schemes are selected to achieve a look of unrivalled and outstanding beauty, elegance and sophistication.
By Sara Anton

Luxury Interior Design

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