Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well and your homes and projects are looking fab and going to plan…

Finally, over the last few weeks we are seeing a change in the weather with warm sunny days and blue skies …and what a winter we have had, gloomy, dull, murky and cold!  With that all behind us, let’s welcome the beautiful new interiors that the designers are putting together with lots of colour and pattern ….such as ‘Designs from Matthew Williamson’s collection ‘Belvoir’


Matthew Williamson collection ‘Belvoir’

His new collection expertly shows off beautiful blues and turquoise, abundant with pattern as the curtains depicted above in the photo. Designers like Matthew are introducing tones of peach, as the moiré fabric shown above, upholstered onto the French sofa , all transporting us back into the 80’s , when design was flamboyant and each room a statement….

Designer’s Guild, show off soft colours and team them with bold graphics to move on from the years of the neutral palate.

The three images I have chosen are from their collection ‘Giardino Sergreto’ depicting  fabrics,  from left to right ‘Giradon in coral, Veronnet in zinc, and Papillon in cobalt shown with relating wallpaper ‘an inspiration of refined prints’ and ‘combinations of sophisticated and timeless colourways’

Have a look on the websites and be inspired ….

Matthew Williamson collection

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