Hi lovely people

Unfortunately it has been a while since I last put pen to paper but not through lack of inspiration, as this year for me has been exceptional, with lots going on and projects and clients that are wonderful and inspirational…….

I have seen a great surge in design and personality becoming an important input back into the interiors we live in….clients are no longer wanting to conform to easy living with colours ……….by leaving the simplicity of beige and delving more into pattern and creative colour.

In the last few years, with the influence of the down turn in the economy we have been getting away from our throw away society and picking pieces that are longer lasting and investments for the future. We have been purchasing antiques and recycling and frequenting architectural reclaimers.  For those that have bigger budgets, designer pieces are chosen to last and be loved and possibly be passed down from generation to generation …antiques of the future..

I too have found myself craving a chesterfield not just an ordinary one but a Victorian one , that I can recover and treasure for years to come.

Now we are heading for the upturn in our economy, we have become wiser over the last few years in our choices and I can see we are not afraid to make our living environment a habitat that shows our personalities and not just a photo shot from an interior magazine. Design has become personal as people crave to be seen as individuals and the design world is certainly ready for the change with great new advancement in design. Items of furniture, wallpaper, lighting and soft furnishings  may cost more but they are designed to last as the antiques we have been investing in recently. The designer has become aware of our needs.

Mixing old and new together is  a must, whether it is actual items or material finishes and its fun … embrace it and enjoy ……

Signing out for now
Sara x

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