Hopefully spring is just around the corner and we can look forward to bright sunny days


This month I want to talk about using Pinterest for collecting ideas and inspiration instead of the traditional mood boards or magazine cuttings
Magazines are great for researching colours and textures for your design projects but over the past few years an online portal has emerged that can life a lot easier,
Pinterest is a social media channel where you can organize and share images online which was first founded in 2010 and now has over 70 million users worldwide,

Pinterest allows you to upload your own images or search for ideas from the vast array that others have uploaded, once uploaded images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized themed Boards
You could create a Board for each room in the house and then pin decorating ideas for that space making it easier to actually visualise your design, then start to piece the pins together to make a full room, there is no shortage of inspirational ideas with a reported 5 million home décor pins added to the site every day.


Follow other boards people have created or pin the images to a board you are creating, the boards can either be made public or kept private,
Individuals upload images to share but also businesses so there is an almost endless supply of designs, colours and textures to use for ideas
We set up boards for our clients to pin onto so they can use things they have seen in magazines or online which then enables you to build a picture of what your room will look like before making the final decision and of course the boards can easily be edited at anytime

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