For those that haven’t visited my website yet, I have run my own interior design business since the year 2002 and have worked in it since I graduated in 1987.

I have been passionate about interiors since being a small child spending days with my grandfather whom was an architect …although unfortunately he died when I was too young to be guided…but not too young to be influenced.

I have worked in various fields of interior design, but my love is working with clients who want to give their homes a character which reflects style, passion and personality….  a space where they can be creative and relax in.

Over the last few years I have noticed that design had moved away from the personal. A large majority of  people desire to live in houses where we show little love for the past or future …’living just for the moment’….we seek the ‘wow’ factor…walls in varying shades of taupe and dressing our homes with objects of the moment. …processions that we must be seen to ‘have’ rather than really desire…and who is responsible for this trend…the designer… the media or changing society?

As a professional designer of 25 years and thus involved with the changing trends in interior design, I was beginning to feel slightly frustrated.

Several weeks ago I was asked by a client how they could achieve the ‘wow’ factor in their home …a home that they love and had lived in for many years and brought their children up in. They had put it on the market recently in view of selling it to move nearer their children….but alas, they had taken it off the market when they had had no interest….They had felt the potential visiting buyers wanted to walk through the front door and be immediately ‘wowed’…. ? Does that mean our homes should look like retails showrooms…not even show homes… and consequently does that mean we shall have to become a society were we all desire the same so we can move freely from one property to another without having to do anything with the interior?

As ‘Gok’ the fashion stylist, who wants every one to run around naked for a moment to regain their confidence in their mind and bodies….I would like to say to all…. lets stand still in our busy lives for a moment and allow our imagination to explore our environment and make sure that the possessions we have are for ‘our’ pleasure and not just for the moment.

On a personal level, I have been greatly inspired with the recent launch of various collections from our current designers. In the last year…’the pendulum’ has been  swinging!!  ‘Sanderson’ launched a collection this year called the  ‘Bloomsbury  Canvas’ comprising of fabrics and wallpapers, influenced by the Bloomsbury group of artists… it is not for everyone but it has exciting pattern and colour….which we are all guilty of dismissing in recent times.

I am a designer that doesn’t want to change the world  but would like to give confidence too… and guide those…who would love to be leaders of style and create their own unique homes to ‘live in’…

Passionately yours

Sara Anton-Watts

Sara Anton Interiors

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