By Sara Anton

The days have started to draw out and spring is on the horizon. This is the time when everyone begins to look at their nest and make changes, whether it is small or large.

Having been involved in interior design for many years, I always feel in the month of February the ground moves and new life evolves in my world of business. The phone begins to ring and my work springs into action (hence the new season).

Having read an article from the Telegraph today Rise of Open Plan Living it has prompted me into writing this blog; ‘the open plan option or not?’

Open plan interiors look fabulous especially good in photography as shown in glossy Interior magazines like the ‘World of Interiors’, ‘House and Garden’ and those alike.  The openness also makes the best of a contemporary look. Whilst extending my house several years ago I took the option of designing a space that incorporated dining/kitchen/snug areas into one room. Personally I love it; it enables me to entertain friends, and family without isolation. However, I am pleased to have another room with an open fire that I can relax in whilst reading or watching another channel on the TV that another member of the family may not want to watch.

Yet, to live in a complete open space takes a very special persona, I am not sure if it would be for me….questions one would have to consider are:


1)      Would it be structurally possible? i.e. ask a structural engineer, some old property’s may not with stand the weight….steels may without doubt be very necessary. Thus:-

2)      Can I afford it? How long will it take? and does it mean moving out whilst work is done? And will I add to the value of the property at the end of the project?

3)      Another consideration to make is… am I a tidy person? And will it give me enough storage space? Getting rid of clutter quickly is impossible in an open plan situation …..Especially when unexpected guests arrive!

4)      The most important question is… will it improve my life style? And in so doing enable me to achieve greater harmony or will it do the opposite? Living without any privacy is not for all.


However, at the moment most open planning involves just a couple of rooms …the kitchen and dining area and occasionally a living space. Logically, our lives are changing we are becoming less formal and more open and relaxed which in turn calls for a change in our homes and the way we set out our space.

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