The clocks have been turned back an hour and thus the nights are drawing in, the leaves are beginning to fall off the trees and winter has blown in with its cool winds.

I am, however, tucked up inside in the warmth enjoying the last of the sunshine coming through the glass doors and as the sun goes down I am contemplating on lighting the fire….. Once I have plucked up the courage to go outside and gather the wood in, from our newly built wood store…for which I have to thank my husband Brian.

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to receive in the post an invitation to the launch of a new wallpaper collection from the ‘Warner Textile Archives’ by a designer called Wendy Bray .

Wendy Bray has been a print designer for over 60 years and graduated from Croyden art school in 1951, just after the 2nd world war, when life was only just beginning to get back to normality. However, based in London near St Pauls where bombing had been prolific during the war, her first years at Courtauld’s in the city must have been an eye opener, not just for its deprivation but also for the creative optimism of rebuilding the city with the help of architects and the influence from Scandinavia which was all the rage…and not to mention the ‘Festival of Britain’…..she was in the right place at the right time and with talent as she has, she couldn’t fail…only succeed!

Wendy studied at art school at a time when “Art students indulged in colour and playful fantasy and quaint idiom of the Neo-Romantics: John Minton, Paul Nash and John Craxton”, (The World of Interiors, Feb 2012), these artists influenced   Wendy’s work greatly.   Approximately, 20 years later, during the 70’s, Wendy lived in New York and studied further at ‘The Students League’.

It was these years that cultivated her design style that we are familiar with today.

Photography ‘The world of Interiors 2012


She has carried with her, following various moves throughout her life a portfolio of sketches design and ideas and with its rediscovery, not only in the 70’s but today she has created a wonderful range of wallpaper which I am looking forward to seeing on the ‘8th November 2012 at the Essex launch at the ‘Warner Textile Archives, Silk Way, Braintree, Essex.

She also has another launch on the 19th November in London at the ‘Fine cell Work Showroom’ W1

In the last few years we have had to cut back and re access our expenditure greatly and it is during these times that the British personality comes out at its best. With the influence of the Olympics, the tour de France and many other wins and achievements we have had as a nation this year, it seems that our creativeness grows at its best during a crisis.

If we look at the design that has been influencing our homes during this period, as now, we can see similarities to that of ‘Wendy Bray’s work which was created during a financial hardship and is now again in fashion.
The new collection launched in September by ‘Jane Churchill’ has similarities to her design with ‘Bright wood’ and Songbird ….as other textile companies.
Thus, all you creative students and budding designers this is your time grasp it and create.

Signing out for now

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