Gosh where did February go …..? I am sitting at my office desk today, looking out of the window and the weather has gone from spring to winter again and the rain hasn’t stopped for two days! We started March with unbelievable sunshine and warmth which induced inspiration and growth and this week I feel like hibernating again!

However, hibernate I won’t…… the month of March is the launch of fresh new designs from our interior design houses. For those in the trade these are exhibited in an event called ‘London Design Week’ which starts on Sunday 11th March and this year ends on Friday 16th March ….open to all from Wednesday 14th March….opening times 10am to 6pm……the hub of the event being held at ‘Chelsea Design Centre’

The event marks the start of new ideas for the year with new collections from most of the major designers based in Chelsea design centre, the Kings Road and in and around Chelsea. It is an international event which is a must for both the interior designer and the architect to attend.

The event will also have inspirational seminars from various professionals from the trade: from ‘running a successful design business’ to ‘making a house your home’ and even ‘lampshade surgery’ The exhibition is supported by prestigious media such as ‘House and Garden’ , ‘The World of Interiors’ ‘Tatler’ and many more organisations.

I have already found inspiration from ‘Designers Guild’, they will launch their  new collections from their showroom in the Kings Road on Sunday but  they have already previewed it on their website … which I have been looking at today for a scheme for a client. It has a feel of bohemia with free thinking designs and a wash of colour. Excitingly, one of the collections for Designers Guild has been designed by the renowned artist Howard Hodgkin whom has embodied simple shapes with pure colours of red, blue, green on backgrounds of white and black.

If you are interested in design this is a must…..! and the public can go from the mid week …put it in your diaries guy’s you will be inspired whether is be fabric, flooring, lighting or any of the aspects of ‘interiors’…..see you there!

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