Hi everyone, I have been neglecting my blog recently due to a constant flow of work…(many thanks to all my new and old clients…) so I have decided to make time as I can’t seem to find extra time to write a few lines

My inspiration to write comes from a great magazine that I love to get in the post each season called ‘Bridge for design’ published by ‘ Martin Trowbridge’ whom also owns the most wonderful gallery available on line at if you would like an investment then try their limited additions and vintage ranges, but remember, buy only if you love it ! It’s not just about the money !

The magazine is a great inspiration to all , both client and designer and this season’s edition is no exception …with articles from Sally Chamley director of Black Orchid Interiors and Sarah Cole director of Farrow & Ball, and David Linley and his approach to interior design.. There are also articles on summer trends such as the ‘New England style’ …why not get a copy and indulge yourself with a read that can only inspire you … Enjoy  Sara

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