Hi everyone I am seriously apologetic that I haven’t written a blog for some time ….the months move very quickly when we are all racing about….

I have spent the last few chasing my heals and creating some fabulous interiors for the most wonderful clients…Spencer has added some photos to my gallery taken from one of my projects which was great fun to create with input from lovely clients whom relocated from Geneva ….I am in the throes of completing another which has developed over the last few years and hopefully Bob will take some more pics for me which we can add to the gallery page to …

Regarding design and trends ….well as Interiors seem to be dictated more and more by the fashion industry nowadays and moving fast, we only have to look through the magazines to see the 70’s is with us big time …Well this means hippy flares, wedge shoes or flip flops and tassels and psychedelic colour and patterns …so does this mean, denim fabrics, beaded curtains and dramatic furniture …not really but there are elements of it to be found in the current time….
There are wallpapers from Today Interiors such as Overdrive (below), which we have already used as a feature wall in a bedroom…a bit of 70’s with a modern twist…looks fab by the way!
Today Interiors - Overdrive

There are various fabrics one by Designers Guild, a voile with a faded denim style and the obligatory geometric pattern, as Koshi below

Designers Guild, - Koshi

As for fixture how about the fabulous fire place by Robeys Ltd

Robeys Ltd  - fireplace

However, those whom are not ‘followers of fashion’, Interiors are all about the home not just the look … make it welcoming along with the relationship that you have with It …If you like it eclectic do it, if you like it minimal also do it, but do it in style…Interiors are now about conviction and saying I am happy whom I am and my surroundings say it …help is always there from all designers and if you have a good relationship with client or designer it will show in the end results …most of all have fun ..
Nothing is forever and change is inevitable…but remember what is new to one person has been and gone to another …so don’t be too precious…
See you again hopefully sooner than later this time…

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