Dear All…….wishing you the very best for the New Year ahead and may all you who dare to dream may they come true…especially in the design world.

Following a very busy December and  long Christmas holiday and bringing in the New Year with an awful cold, which is still lingering I am sat in my office with my to do list for week with an extra pair of socks, awaiting the flurry of snow this afternoon!!…roll on the spring and longer days!!

My list for my blog is quite extensive as I have been extremely busy with the nicest of clients before Christmas and all my notes have been put on the back burner…but before the news becomes old news, I thought I would make time in my busy schedule to compile a blog which I love to do.

Having missed my slot for the December blog due to four projects running side by side I feel I should contribute much more than usual…but I won’t, as I don’t want your attention to wander!
Interior Design Trends
Last week, a trade magazine called ’Surfacing’ (159 January 2013) was dropped through my letter box. It is full of factual interior design and architectural news. One of the articles captured my attention, ‘trends for 2013’ which I thought those of you who don’t have privy to this journal could take some ideas and use them in your interiors if I include some of these in my blog… here we go….

‘ In  2013, the trends we’ll see in interior design and architecture will be some of the most contradictory to date. On one hand, futuristic, cyber influences will inspire strange organic architecture elements, and on the other hand, throwbacks to past times – such as vintage furniture design- will increase in popularity, writes JoBeth Phillip.’

Vintage influences will be seen throughout all this year’s trends – and mixing of adventurous colours with time-tested classic prints will prove to be a popular combination’

The article goes on to say that this year we will forget the matt smooth finished surfaces and the producers, architects and designers will use highly tactile bold statement surfaces which will be irresistible to touch.  3D surfaces and intricate shimmering filigree patterns will be found along with the current trend for individualism and great craftsmanship and detail.

There will also be a swing to Moorish design such as shimmering gold’s, glossy silver, and burnish metals, influenced by the demand from Russia, East Europe and Middle Eastern markets.

Design Trends 3013So all you budding designers and would be’s……. let your imagination go this year and create interiors that have a soul and a reason! Do this by using new, old and recycled and the tactile …the English are known for their eccentric ideas lets show the world we are still creators and not followers ….

If you are in the trade or a student of interiors design and can make room in your busy diaries then ‘The Surface Design Show’ 2013 starts on the 5th February for 2 days only at the ‘Business Design Centre’ in London …go on be inspired!!

Right back to my office….my clients await and my list is growing signing off for now and thank you for reading!

Kindest regards always



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