Following a very special birthday and a wonderful surprise from my husband ….a long weekend in ‘Roma’ to celebrate…. then a trip to Germany followed by a horrid cold… I have finally made time to give you my April blog….very late but ‘better late than never’…so they say?

Greatly inspired by the most wonderful architecture in Rome I want to remind everyone how we have been outstandingly influenced by the Roman and Italian architecture over the centuries and how advanced they were.

On one of our days in this most wonderful city we visited the ‘Pantheon’. Yes on the tourist trail…. but a must. Designed by Hadrian and over 1800 years old, it is the most amazing structure.

roman-and-italian-architecture-in-interior-designWe were told by an Italian habitant of Rome that when it was built, Hadrian was told it would be impossible to construct such a design and a dome of those proportions would not work. However, according to this gentleman Hadrian’s theory was based around the shell of an egg…. he believed, if you put equal pressure around an egg from equal distance it would with stand amazing weight and pressure (an oculus of almost 9 metres across) …he kept to his beliefs and carried on with the build. Apparently he constructed it by building a dome made from earth and gold coins and then built the structure over the top to support it whilst the engineering followed …Once finished, he then told the local people that there were gold coins inside the dome amongst the earth and ‘ hey presto’ it was cleared within days. The inside is a marvel of interior design with precise mathematical positioned columns and the ceiling was once covered in bronze. The actual interior measures 43.4 metres in both width and height. The only light that feeds through is from an opening at the very top. The floor features a design made up of a series of geometric patterns….

My guide book writes’ The Pantheon’s simple regularity, the beauty of its elements, and it’s splendid materials combine to give the interiors a sublime solemnity’ (Rome and the Vatican, Edizioni Lozzi Roma S.A.S) so, so right


I and hopefully we can now understand how one of our most influential architects and interior designers ‘Robert Adam’ brought home these ideas and designed some of our most fabulous buildings in the British Isles still standing today.


Food for thought and looking forward to next month’s blog when I hope the sun shines


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