Well here we are now starting the Autumn months and the year will soon be gone …and where did it go !


From the summer of 2016 until May 2017 I had been working on what should have been a straight forward project …however , listed and full of rising damp the latter not raised by the survey proved to be a stumbling point throughout ….but, in the end we the team produced a beautiful cottage having replaced footings beams and supports and as a result creating a haven for my clients to reside in on their visits back to Blighty …photos can be seen from start to finish on the website  I have to thank my client for their understanding, input and above all patience …


Today I find myself sitting manning my first art exhibition in the Pond gallery at Snape Malting shared with two lovely artists …whilst manning and listening to views of the public, it has been brought to my attention to the choice of what kind of art  people like to hang on their walls at home …and obviously as a designer it’s something that I am often asked to choose ..and most often they are chosen to fit in with the decor both in subject  and colour….this is where I now question whether the  choosing of art has become  an accessory  rather than something that should stand out on its own….


When I first started in design my clients had collected paintings and artefacts on their travels or they had been lovingly inherited , or chosen because they delighted to have them …and thus, these became the starting point and an influence to the design of the interior but today we seem to create the space and then chose the former …


Our values as home makers have changed… the media, money availability and lifestyle are all responsible….people don’t seem to have time to sit and reflect on who they are and what they truly like, perhaps that’s why we live in a throw away society we are always  changing, evolving, living  without much thought for the here and now ….we watch programmes flick through magazines all influencing our choices by showing us what we could and should have ….


However, before I dam civilisation, yoga is trending high along with meditation and other reflective pursuits…most state we must live in the moment meaning not the future and not the past, so  perhaps we are learning to slow down and be happy with our being in the here and now and in so doing discover whom we are, rather than whom we want to be and again in turn let out true selves shine


With design moving away from neutrals and minimal living, colour, pattern and eclectic life styles are high on the design list and the home is becoming a place to live in once again and perhaps we are learning to not be afraid of having a singular personality rather than in  a synchronised state….after all Brexit is around the corner, this indicates big change and standing alone …


All food for thought…..but how exciting…so, I say be creative and don’t be afraid to say to you neighbour friends and love  ones …’I chose this because I love it , it makes me happy ‘

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