Hi Everyone, so sorry it has taken me a long time to compile another paragraph or two for those who like to read my monthly blog (I wish) ….but I have been very busy working on design schemes, drawing furniture layouts and even project managing and meeting the most wonderful people along the way making work a dream and every hour of the day busy! X …and hopefully making people happy along the way with the results!

However, it is Sunday (my day off!) and my sister-in-law, Lynn Martin, a group editor for a local company, has also been extremely busy in and out of her office creating a new magazine along with her team to add to their bow.

It is this, that has caught my eye for this month’s blog, and gives me the great honour to pass the information on to those who like to make their home personal, with crafts just like ‘Kirsty’s homemade home’ programme on channel four (another series needed please!) . Lynn left me a brand new copy on the table at my mother’s…..I love to snuggle down and read a great magazine, whether it is Interiors or fashion, it a real treat and this magazine is no exception.

Homemaker’ as it is called, is exactly what it is …it has so much to do in it and this issue even comes with a supplement ‘creative Christmas source book’. Which is full of seasonal ideas, and personally I shall use the Christmas cake recipe by Fiona Cairn…. looks yummy x

The November issue is the first, but certainly won’t be the last, I can see it rushing off the shelves for many years to come.

Several articles really caught my eye, such as; ‘lighten up’…I am always being asked if I know of a company who provides a remake for clients old lamp shades (…well, yes I do, but clients are always surprised how much it is…but then we all have to put food on the table and producing them takes time), however, I digress…. I am pleased to say, that with the help of ‘homemaker’ the article gives you a step by step guide on how to achieve a beautiful result yourself, along with advice on which shape and size….what could be easier and


every time you switch on the lamp you know it’s a product of your very own creativity and no one will have one the same.

Another, article which is inspirational ‘Sideboards make me happy’ is about a young designer called, ‘Lucy Turner’ who creates fantastic results out of dated and forgotten sideboards bringing them into the current day. They are not only individual but a work of art and would make a feature in any room. I would be extremely happy to incorporate any of them into one of my schemes.

Also contributing to the content are such people as Kelly Hopen, Anthea Turner, Eric Lanlard, Wayne Hemmingway and Sophie Conran…….

I could go on and on as there are so many wonderful projects to do and articles   to read but, I am not going to divulge any more as I really recommend you to buy it …not because it is a product produced by a family member but because it is a truly great magazine and will inspire young and old to be creative with lots of projects to do…. I think Kirsty would be proud!

Thanks for reading guys and if you do happen to buy it, please let me know how you got on….x

Signing out for now


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