I visited a studio a year or so ago and thought it was very clever idea to create beautiful focal points as a finishing touches to your home,
Greenhalgh Glass Design and hand make Glass Art works that are individually handmade and designed ,I have added images below but the designs look much better in the flesh and a visit to their gallery and adjoining workshop is well worth it,

glass art 2






Glass Art






glass art 3









Greenhalgh Glass Use glass making processes that are totally unique to them “trade secrets “developed through more than 25 years of experience and experimentation. They create exclusive glass art by combining the unequalled magic of these unique making processes with truly inspirational designs. Layers of glass and precious metals, 24ct Gold, Platinum and Silver are fired together in a kiln for three or more days at almost a thousand degrees centigrade. This forms rich, vibrant and reflective imagery that is full of life. Moment by moment, interplaying with every shift of light, the artworks present something new and beautiful.
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