Hi peeps

I apologise for all the months that have passed and I haven’t posted much at all. I guess the last year has been a bit of an odd one to say the least for all…. and during the previous year my life changed dramatically to, with the loss of my mother and mother in law and several other people that have shaped and been part of mine and my husband life over the years….and unfortunately my autoimmune disease has now got to a stage where I need medication …..Tragedy …and life goes on !! xxx

So… similar to a lot of people this year, I have decided that I need to make hay whilst the sun is still shining …and it is today! x Summer is again upon us !

To reiterate ….I have been in the Interior Design industry since 1987 which adds up to 34 years and counting, thus, I have decided that it is now time to diversify and retire from the industry and concentrate on my other love of oil painting..

I’d like to give a big thanks to all my wonderful clients whom have invited me into their homes over the years and put me on a pedestal, when really I am just an enthusiastic librarian for design and have managed to have a great team working with me whom are just as enthusiastic..

Sara Anton Interiors will be winding down over this and next month, so, if you have anything urgent that can be done and completed before these times then please contact me …

Trades that have helped with my projects will still be working to advise and help you complete your new projects …’James Martin Blinds’ whom has kindly looked after my library since 2019 so I could turn my office into a studio will be taking it over and hopefully all accounts and adding to their vast library in Peartree along with James’s new showroom in Moulsham street in Chelmsford (the latter soon to be open) ..’Rhea Sullivan Design’, will take on all design projects because she is extremely talented and young and enthusiastic and has a fabulous résumé.. I will give you all these contacts on my new sites when they are up and running..

I am in the middle of creating a new Instagram site and website called Art design and home where I hopefully will not only post my art (at the moment on 1962canvas) but will dabble in what’s new in the design world for the home …(as I may not be able to let go !!)

I bid you all farewell and thank you so much again for being such loyal caring people it has been a joy to work with you all!! Love you so Much and Miss you all xx

Kindest regards always
Sara Anton-Watts

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