Well what a year so far, I haven’t stopped since last January and although I love to write a message to you all, I simply haven’t had the time, although my mind has often thought about those whom like to read my words and I can only apologize for neglecting my duty by not making the time…and goodness knows, you all know I like to waffle!

However, as you know one of my favorite magazines is ‘Bridge for Design’ and with its arrival last week (summer addition), I have wanted to share various articles from it with you …such as ‘The Bigger the Better written by Brent Cooper….

Recently, I have had many Bedroom projects to do either within a whole house or as a project on its own …and within the design I have been designing and supplying larger headboards, which are now the norm…Thus with this article in front of me and backing my judgement, I have to share this with you…

Brent Cooper writes….’ Supersize headboards are the latest bedroom trend. If the room can support it, they should be at least the size of the bed.’
I have certainly fitted with the help of the upholsterers, some very large headboards …why is this you may ask? It is all to do with the craze of the boutique hotel and the luxury and comfort and tranquility these hotels portray, and we now crave this life style in our own homes especially when we all live in such busy times the need for comfort and luxury is paramount to distressing. And as Brent suggests, it is also the ‘wow factor’ and everything is getting bigger in our homes, such as sofa’s, mirrors, tables, chairs, fridges etc. etc.

We are living in larger spaces (open plan) and not wanting to clutter, we fill the space with larger, bolder items….
Headboards come in various styles, either making big bold statements with bright patterned fabrics or a quieter effect using textures and plain fabrics…with the trend for the chesterfield sofa back in vogue, deep buttoned headboards are again in trend …

deep buttoned headboards

With this trend the headboards bring comfort as well as a great design statement…

Sofa & Chair Company Headboard

The headboard above is by ‘the sofa & chair company’ and depicts style comfort and structure..

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