Covid 19, where has this all left us ? … bereaved, sad, anxious, and yet in contrast optimistic, new
beginnings , a wealth of hope and a new way to embrace our fellow man…
As mentioned in my previous blog, design is at a pinnacle of development and the design
industry should embrace it … we need to make our homes a wealth of everything we need ..
relaxing, playing, learning and a joy for the soul, even more so than before…
Nature is so important now more than ever , from March, when our lives were turned upside
down without work to give us structure in our lives and children unschooled we had to look
closely at ourselves and our near surrounding and locally for help .The walks outside that we did
in lock down helped us to not only keep fit physically and mentally, but, helped us to develop
new senses and belonging.

By bringing the outside in, we can keep those special moments we had and thus, keep
restorative in our outlook … already design has embraced ways to achieve this…so the design
movement in 2020/21 goes like this….

Colors to embrace are …as nature intended … All spectrums of green to blues from soft to
deep colours mixed with bold accent colours of oranges/reds and lemon sherbets… along with
black and white applied often together, to bring structure …
Botanical papers some with 3D possibilities, textures and jutes… for the brave, vertical walls of
living indoor plants, Furniture with soft curves made from natural woods and ply and rattan (humble materials),
some reclaimed ..

Flooring a mixture of carpets with thick pile and jute and sisal, some adventurous designers
dressing walls and ceilings with it, creating pastures …marble takes a big stand again with deep
veins of cheese and slate and stone.

Fabrics, a mix of velvets, corduroys and botanical prints ..texture and bold statements of plain
weaves in strong colours Lighting and ironmongery made from a combination of metals some designers using a multiple
of colours in one room to create texture and drama ..coppers, tin, antiques and steel…
Space and drama …a welcoming transition to warmth and relaxation and away from cold and
austere minimalistic feel, empty spaces adorned with decorative items made with love , coffee
tables and alike are adorned with photos, crafts and items of lifetime journeys …made for family
and friends, places of nostalgia ..this is no longer banned, all of us have had time to reflect and
discover our real needs and we are not scared to share our personalities with those we invite in
to our homes

Paintings, they are figurative and land and seascapes of memories , bold colour abstracts ..large
and meaningful optimistic and futuristic and again botanical.

My advice is to bring optimism in your homes, and trust your own senses and we all know
from lockdown how we live in our own spaces now ….don’t we ? so, make the adjustments
necessary and love your homes ..Now is the time to embrace, reclaim and make old into
new ..there has never been a greater time to embrace what we have and reinvent it and mix it
with new or preloved ..some will find ourselves without, but, look inwards, we may only be able
to reinvent from what we have for a while ..but …how precious is that gift ! having time to explore
our own belongings…

Always yours
Sara Anton

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