Dear All …
What times we have been through in the last few months …but like the phoenix good
beginnings come from the ashes as they say …

Personally, I have had a rather fraught two years with many changes made to mine and my
husbands life, along with good friends and family .. My life as a designer was beginning to
get back in the swing of things when covid 19 hit, as like many I have been busy with the
home …getting all the jobs done that we never have time to do … along with painting in my studio
pictures that may never have been done .

From, January 2019, I started a part time diploma in oil painting at the Norfolk painting school
taught by Martin Kinnear in readiness to begin a life as an artist/painter which ever your
descriptive preference is ? an added career…. However, I still have a love of interior design and
in fact the two marry together very well.

Colour, layout, texture and design are very important in both interiors and on canvas.. and having
moments of contemplation as many of us had over these troubled times, I believe we are at
a pinnacle where nature will influence our environment more than any recent times ..For those
like my stepdaughter and niece trapped in flats with no garden it has made the outdoors so
important to them and all those people alike. With the figures going dramatically up for
sourcing homes in rural areas….and importantly looking at our home interiors very differently ,
more as a home to relax and provide all needs rather than the showroom that is often a
fashionable look…

I have also had to adapt my life with staying at home being classified as one of the high risk
group .. which although sends me into spirals of defeat and heart ache …I have learnt to embrace
the tranquillity of this moment knowing that it will not last forever. And meditate on the things that

Mother nature has given us weeks of splendid weather and for those of us lucky to have garden
space and for those that can get out and walk or cycle, it can be harmonic and inspiring to be
able to see the changes in season with the plants that grow from small beginnings to flourishing
spectacles and the scenic spaces around us whether it be architecture or green land . along with
most notably a return to natures scent without pollution…surely, it would be madness to let some
of this go and return to the human destruction we are zooming towards…I hope I am not alone…
Now sitting inside whilst the rain naturally waters the lawns and borders, we can cultivate the
memories and use these to good means.

Time to re address the way we live and the home we want to have …
Always yours
Sara Anton

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