Hi everyone… I have been so busy I didn’t even have time ‘to make time’ to write a May blog…but I have been determined to add a blog page for June before this month disappears…so he we go…..

Returning to the month of March, I was very lucky to be treated to a ticket to the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts by a dear friend Stephanie and lunch a Carluccio’s restaurant in Covent Garden….all very fab!!!…

However, it is the David Hockney exhibition that I have wanted to share with all of you since this event.

David Hockney’s career has spanned more than 50 years and although through art school, I have been made very aware of his work and consequently his fame, I must confess that before now, it hasn’t really been ‘my cup of tea’; but following various documentary’s of his latest work and articles in the press, I have been attracted to him.

In my own opinion, his previous work, has been produced in a very functional way, all liked by his critics, graphic enough to be sold and made money from, and brilliant enough to make him famous. However, concerning his latest work, I believe he has painted from his heart and so much so he has been lost in a world of colour and exploration, producing painting after painting of what he loves and not for any one else. ….mother nature has inspired him and given him an all time high. When you enter the exhibition you can just feel his energy and passion….the outcome of his work is a private glimpse into his mind and not for the masses…. a true artist.

By David Hockney’s own admission some of his pieces have been trial and error and just sketches …but put all together, what a fantastic inspiration result…


And this is what astonishes me, it is for this, he has been slated by the press, once in an article in the Mail by Emma Reynolds (22nd Jan 2012) by his old teacher Mr Stafford, and in the London Evening Standard by Brian Sewell….. (19th Jan 2012).

My reply to these unkind critics is that this ‘master of arts’ has finally stepped through a door and created something real and I am sure this is the way that David Hockney feels…’a breathe of fresh air’. In which ever media he has worked in, the pictures are huge, but then so is his subjects; tall mighty trees in abundance, rolling hills that go on for ever…and they do. The colours are both vibrant and solemn, showing the changes in each season, cleverly suggesting the magic of light.


I can only say to his critics they need to open their souls and celebrate in what one man can achieve in a life time……it is all very well throwing name after name of famous artists into a newspaper column to back their beliefs and in so to comparing his work to the past, but why compare it…is there a need ….’it is what it is’………Isn’t that why artists are who they are …?


Signing out for now


Sara Anton-Watts

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