Hi guys just a really quick blog as I am really missing filling everyone in each month about what is going on in the design world!!. Thus, just an informative blog as I am extremely busy on my drawing board and will be for a while…

I want to let you all know it’s that time of year again when the Designers launch their new ideas and designs …starting with ‘100% design’ show at Earls Court from tomorrow 18th September until 21st September…followed by Decorex International at its new venue Perksfield, the Orangery at Kensington Palace from Sunday 22nd September until Wednesday 25th September …running alongside with Focus. If you are thinking of going register first as it is more economical and if you are not trade or a student make sure you turn up on a date you are allowed in…Just Google all events for more information.

I am off on Tuesday, so, hopefully I will find time to let you know what’s new and current in the next few weeks…

Kindest regards and thanks for reading


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