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Hi peeps

I apologise for all the months that have passed and I haven’t posted much at all. I guess the last year has been a bit of an odd one to say the least for all…. and during the previous year my life changed dramatically to, with the loss of my mother and mother in law and several other people that have shaped and been part of mine and my husband life over the years….and unfortunately my autoimmune disease has now got to a stage where I need medication …..Tragedy …and life goes on !! xxx

So… similar to a lot of people this year, I have decided that I need to make hay whilst the sun is still shining …and it is today! x Summer is again upon us !

To reiterate ….I have been in the Interior Design industry since 1987 which adds up to 34 years and counting, thus, I have decided that it is now time to diversify and retire from the industry and concentrate on my other love of oil painting..

I’d like to give a big thanks to all my wonderful clients whom have invited me into their homes over the years and put me on a pedestal, when really I am just an enthusiastic librarian for design and have managed to have a great team working with me whom are just as enthusiastic..

Sara Anton Interiors will be winding down over this and next month, so, if you have anything urgent that can be done and completed before these times then please contact me …

Trades that have helped with my projects will still be working to advise and help you complete your new projects …’James Martin Blinds’ whom has kindly looked after my library since 2019 so I could turn my office into a studio will be taking it over and hopefully all accounts and adding to their vast library in Peartree along with James’s new showroom in Moulsham street in Chelmsford (the latter soon to be open) ..’Rhea Sullivan Design’, will take on all design projects because she is extremely talented and young and enthusiastic and has a fabulous résumé.. I will give you all these contacts on my new sites when they are up and running..

I am in the middle of creating a new Instagram site and website called Art design and home where I hopefully will not only post my art (at the moment on 1962canvas) but will dabble in what’s new in the design world for the home …(as I may not be able to let go !!)

I bid you all farewell and thank you so much again for being such loyal caring people it has been a joy to work with you all!! Love you so Much and Miss you all xx

Kindest regards always
Sara Anton-Watts

Design Blog 20


Covid 19, where has this all left us ? … bereaved, sad, anxious, and yet in contrast optimistic, new
beginnings , a wealth of hope and a new way to embrace our fellow man…
As mentioned in my previous blog, design is at a pinnacle of development and the design
industry should embrace it … we need to make our homes a wealth of everything we need ..
relaxing, playing, learning and a joy for the soul, even more so than before…
Nature is so important now more than ever , from March, when our lives were turned upside
down without work to give us structure in our lives and children unschooled we had to look
closely at ourselves and our near surrounding and locally for help .The walks outside that we did
in lock down helped us to not only keep fit physically and mentally, but, helped us to develop
new senses and belonging.

By bringing the outside in, we can keep those special moments we had and thus, keep
restorative in our outlook … already design has embraced ways to achieve this…so the design
movement in 2020/21 goes like this….

Colors to embrace are …as nature intended … All spectrums of green to blues from soft to
deep colours mixed with bold accent colours of oranges/reds and lemon sherbets… along with
black and white applied often together, to bring structure …
Botanical papers some with 3D possibilities, textures and jutes… for the brave, vertical walls of
living indoor plants, Furniture with soft curves made from natural woods and ply and rattan (humble materials),
some reclaimed ..

Flooring a mixture of carpets with thick pile and jute and sisal, some adventurous designers
dressing walls and ceilings with it, creating pastures …marble takes a big stand again with deep
veins of cheese and slate and stone.

Fabrics, a mix of velvets, corduroys and botanical prints ..texture and bold statements of plain
weaves in strong colours Lighting and ironmongery made from a combination of metals some designers using a multiple
of colours in one room to create texture and drama ..coppers, tin, antiques and steel…
Space and drama …a welcoming transition to warmth and relaxation and away from cold and
austere minimalistic feel, empty spaces adorned with decorative items made with love , coffee
tables and alike are adorned with photos, crafts and items of lifetime journeys …made for family
and friends, places of nostalgia ..this is no longer banned, all of us have had time to reflect and
discover our real needs and we are not scared to share our personalities with those we invite in
to our homes

Paintings, they are figurative and land and seascapes of memories , bold colour abstracts ..large
and meaningful optimistic and futuristic and again botanical.

My advice is to bring optimism in your homes, and trust your own senses and we all know
from lockdown how we live in our own spaces now ….don’t we ? so, make the adjustments
necessary and love your homes ..Now is the time to embrace, reclaim and make old into
new ..there has never been a greater time to embrace what we have and reinvent it and mix it
with new or preloved ..some will find ourselves without, but, look inwards, we may only be able
to reinvent from what we have for a while ..but …how precious is that gift ! having time to explore
our own belongings…

Always yours
Sara Anton

Covid Blog June 2020


Dear All …
What times we have been through in the last few months …but like the phoenix good
beginnings come from the ashes as they say …

Personally, I have had a rather fraught two years with many changes made to mine and my
husbands life, along with good friends and family .. My life as a designer was beginning to
get back in the swing of things when covid 19 hit, as like many I have been busy with the
home …getting all the jobs done that we never have time to do … along with painting in my studio
pictures that may never have been done .

From, January 2019, I started a part time diploma in oil painting at the Norfolk painting school
taught by Martin Kinnear in readiness to begin a life as an artist/painter which ever your
descriptive preference is ? an added career…. However, I still have a love of interior design and
in fact the two marry together very well.

Colour, layout, texture and design are very important in both interiors and on canvas.. and having
moments of contemplation as many of us had over these troubled times, I believe we are at
a pinnacle where nature will influence our environment more than any recent times ..For those
like my stepdaughter and niece trapped in flats with no garden it has made the outdoors so
important to them and all those people alike. With the figures going dramatically up for
sourcing homes in rural areas….and importantly looking at our home interiors very differently ,
more as a home to relax and provide all needs rather than the showroom that is often a
fashionable look…

I have also had to adapt my life with staying at home being classified as one of the high risk
group .. which although sends me into spirals of defeat and heart ache …I have learnt to embrace
the tranquillity of this moment knowing that it will not last forever. And meditate on the things that

Mother nature has given us weeks of splendid weather and for those of us lucky to have garden
space and for those that can get out and walk or cycle, it can be harmonic and inspiring to be
able to see the changes in season with the plants that grow from small beginnings to flourishing
spectacles and the scenic spaces around us whether it be architecture or green land . along with
most notably a return to natures scent without pollution…surely, it would be madness to let some
of this go and return to the human destruction we are zooming towards…I hope I am not alone…
Now sitting inside whilst the rain naturally waters the lawns and borders, we can cultivate the
memories and use these to good means.

Time to re address the way we live and the home we want to have …
Always yours
Sara Anton

Design Centre Newsletter


Up an coming design events 2018

up an coming events not to be missed ….


Focus/18 at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is universally recognised as a primary destination for creative excellence, bringing together thousands of tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, architecture and style.

Focus/18 at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is universally recognised as a primary destination for creative excellence
Entrance is free and courtesy transport is available, for more information visit the website here

Decorex International 2018 – 16 – 19 September Syon Park London

Decorex has established itself as Europe’s leading interior design event, offering the finest furniture, lighting, textiles, craft and accessories from emerging and established names alike. The centrepiece of London Design Festival, Decorex provides an unparalleled opportunity for interior design professionals to discover exquisite creations from more than 400 international exhibitors

Decorex International 2018 – 16 – 19 September Syon Park London


Over four days at Syon Park, the finest concepts and products from a hand-picked collection of designers are expertly curated. A series of thought leadership sessions aim to inspire, inform and ignite debate, and there’s ample opportunity to connect with truly inspirational people

For more information visit


100% Design – 19-22 September 2018 – Olympia London

100% Design – 19-22 September 2018 – Olympia London

This year, 100% Design announces big changes as it adopts a renewed vision highlighting its dedication to innovation and emerging talent. Featuring brand new initiatives, striking installations, inspiring collaborations and high-end design the show will also be at the heart of the newly launched West Kensington Design District.

New for 2018, the show will present 100% Futures – an exhibition showcasing a selection of inspiring and innovative designs geared towards ‘Designing for London’. Spearheaded by Max Fraser, a small jury will select 20 projects, created by designers with less than 5 years in industry who have designed cutting-edge work based around the future of city living.

For more information about 100% Design please visit


and for information of others ….



Summer Interior Design


Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well and your homes and projects are looking fab and going to plan…

Finally, over the last few weeks we are seeing a change in the weather with warm sunny days and blue skies …and what a winter we have had, gloomy, dull, murky and cold!  With that all behind us, let’s welcome the beautiful new interiors that the designers are putting together with lots of colour and pattern ….such as ‘Designs from Matthew Williamson’s collection ‘Belvoir’


Matthew Williamson collection ‘Belvoir’

His new collection expertly shows off beautiful blues and turquoise, abundant with pattern as the curtains depicted above in the photo. Designers like Matthew are introducing tones of peach, as the moiré fabric shown above, upholstered onto the French sofa , all transporting us back into the 80’s , when design was flamboyant and each room a statement….

Designer’s Guild, show off soft colours and team them with bold graphics to move on from the years of the neutral palate.

The three images I have chosen are from their collection ‘Giardino Sergreto’ depicting  fabrics,  from left to right ‘Giradon in coral, Veronnet in zinc, and Papillon in cobalt shown with relating wallpaper ‘an inspiration of refined prints’ and ‘combinations of sophisticated and timeless colourways’

Have a look on the websites and be inspired ….

Matthew Williamson collection

importance of art in interior design


Well here we are now starting the Autumn months and the year will soon be gone …and where did it go !


From the summer of 2016 until May 2017 I had been working on what should have been a straight forward project …however , listed and full of rising damp the latter not raised by the survey proved to be a stumbling point throughout ….but, in the end we the team produced a beautiful cottage having replaced footings beams and supports and as a result creating a haven for my clients to reside in on their visits back to Blighty …photos can be seen from start to finish on the website  I have to thank my client for their understanding, input and above all patience …


Today I find myself sitting manning my first art exhibition in the Pond gallery at Snape Malting shared with two lovely artists …whilst manning and listening to views of the public, it has been brought to my attention to the choice of what kind of art  people like to hang on their walls at home …and obviously as a designer it’s something that I am often asked to choose ..and most often they are chosen to fit in with the decor both in subject  and colour….this is where I now question whether the  choosing of art has become  an accessory  rather than something that should stand out on its own….


When I first started in design my clients had collected paintings and artefacts on their travels or they had been lovingly inherited , or chosen because they delighted to have them …and thus, these became the starting point and an influence to the design of the interior but today we seem to create the space and then chose the former …


Our values as home makers have changed… the media, money availability and lifestyle are all responsible….people don’t seem to have time to sit and reflect on who they are and what they truly like, perhaps that’s why we live in a throw away society we are always  changing, evolving, living  without much thought for the here and now ….we watch programmes flick through magazines all influencing our choices by showing us what we could and should have ….


However, before I dam civilisation, yoga is trending high along with meditation and other reflective pursuits…most state we must live in the moment meaning not the future and not the past, so  perhaps we are learning to slow down and be happy with our being in the here and now and in so doing discover whom we are, rather than whom we want to be and again in turn let out true selves shine


With design moving away from neutrals and minimal living, colour, pattern and eclectic life styles are high on the design list and the home is becoming a place to live in once again and perhaps we are learning to not be afraid of having a singular personality rather than in  a synchronised state….after all Brexit is around the corner, this indicates big change and standing alone …


All food for thought…..but how exciting…so, I say be creative and don’t be afraid to say to you neighbour friends and love  ones …’I chose this because I love it , it makes me happy ‘

art exhibition – The Pond Gallery Snape Maltings

’Well finally folks, I have managed part of my tick list in that I have my first art exhibition (one of many I hope) and shared with fellow artists at Snape Malting’s next month ….
My paintings are a collective of the Fisherman’s sheds in Southwold and Walberswick and the small ferry that rows people across the river …June has a super array of floral colours and Lena pulls on her heritage Swedish style …if you are around Snape and the Suffolk coast we would love you to pop in and say hello ….

2016 Interior Design Trends


Happy New Year to all my clients, friends and followers …another six months have passed by since I last spoke!! And again the industry has remained busy and abundant with new ideas and inventive design!

My life has been a whirlwind of events over the last year …having taken a day off a week to revisit my art school days and discover acrylic paints and canvas …very self-indulgent ……but it can only enhance my ideas for colour and design , my father always said ‘feeding the soul was a necessity’. I recommend everyone to add another string to their bow by following there desires if they can and legal!

Last weekend I popped to Suffolk food hall, near Ipswich and whilst browsing noticed some of the loveliest soft furnishing all in bright Mediterranean colours, which let’s face it, on our long grey winter days, can only be seen as refreshing and exciting and warm…. Thus, this gave me the inspiration to blog to you some of the most soul hugging fabrics that have been launched recently….such as designers Guild’s ‘Couture Rose fabrics’ very floral but vibrant and fresh … all ready for your new interiors in the spring!

designers Guild ‘Couture Rose fabrics’

Designers Guild – Couture Rose collection
Unfortunately this year I missed Decorex and the London design show at Chelsea which was in September, but, I have had been privileged to have the new collections brought to me via

wonderful agents representing the designers, so I could browse and decide which collections to purchase…
I loved the new Nina Campbell, ‘Fontibre’ as described on the website ‘Nina Campbell presents a collection of decorative fabrics with names which allude to the travels of her great uncle, the watercolourist Stratford Hely Hutchinson Keightley, and to members of his family. Key colours from Nina’s signature palette feature prominently such as crimson, aqua, coral, olive and amethyst.’
The collection was launched in September and I have already paired the Fontibre design with silk and glass beads to produce the loveliest drawing room curtains. The designs are versatile and can be used alone or matched with other fabrics and trimmings as I did… To see the collection Google via (distributed through Osborne and Little)

Nina Campbell –Fontibre collection
Nina Campbell –Fontibre collection

The ‘Mulberry Home’ collection, via GP&J Baker also have a super new wallpaper and fabric collection which will make any interiors stunning called ‘Bohemian Travels’, again a diverse collection with fabulous sumptuous fabrics and typical Mulberry wallpapers


Mulberry Home – collection

Mulberry Home – collection Bohemian Travels
And GP&J Baker also have some wonderful extravagant fabric from their Langdale collection fabulous embroidery and applique in rich sunshine colours like the exotic garden design below

exotic garden design
GP&J Baker – collection Langdale
So when it comes to Interior design this year….think colour, texture and pattern and bohemian sophistication…it’s all about travel xx


Hi everyone I am seriously apologetic that I haven’t written a blog for some time ….the months move very quickly when we are all racing about….

I have spent the last few chasing my heals and creating some fabulous interiors for the most wonderful clients…Spencer has added some photos to my gallery taken from one of my projects which was great fun to create with input from lovely clients whom relocated from Geneva ….I am in the throes of completing another which has developed over the last few years and hopefully Bob will take some more pics for me which we can add to the gallery page to …

Regarding design and trends ….well as Interiors seem to be dictated more and more by the fashion industry nowadays and moving fast, we only have to look through the magazines to see the 70’s is with us big time …Well this means hippy flares, wedge shoes or flip flops and tassels and psychedelic colour and patterns …so does this mean, denim fabrics, beaded curtains and dramatic furniture …not really but there are elements of it to be found in the current time….
There are wallpapers from Today Interiors such as Overdrive (below), which we have already used as a feature wall in a bedroom…a bit of 70’s with a modern twist…looks fab by the way!
Today Interiors - Overdrive

There are various fabrics one by Designers Guild, a voile with a faded denim style and the obligatory geometric pattern, as Koshi below

Designers Guild, - Koshi

As for fixture how about the fabulous fire place by Robeys Ltd

Robeys Ltd  - fireplace

However, those whom are not ‘followers of fashion’, Interiors are all about the home not just the look … make it welcoming along with the relationship that you have with It …If you like it eclectic do it, if you like it minimal also do it, but do it in style…Interiors are now about conviction and saying I am happy whom I am and my surroundings say it …help is always there from all designers and if you have a good relationship with client or designer it will show in the end results …most of all have fun ..
Nothing is forever and change is inevitable…but remember what is new to one person has been and gone to another …so don’t be too precious…
See you again hopefully sooner than later this time…

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